Awakened Light Reiki is a holistic private practice. We focus on building strengths, self-care, and self-awareness to calm, balance, and restore the body and mind.

People come to Awakened Light Reiki for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing through Reiki in the following areas:
Transforming past and present grief, loss or traumas that have been acquired throughout our living experiences
Creating significant life changes
Rearranging negative thought and belief patterns which in turn bring forward new physical and emotional well being
Pre and post surgery
Self-care practices for cancer, HIV, autoimmune issues (side effects from chemotherapy and other medications)
Balance of mental health (fear, anxiety, depression)
Rest & relaxation (restorative health)
The mission of Awakened Light Reiki
Bringing traditional Reiki healing to our community so as to have a healthier, more contented living experience for us all.
To transform peoples lives so that they can have a clearer, more comfortable life experience.
Teaching First and Second Degree Reiki to the San Francisco and greater Bay Area, allowing students to practice Reiki healing on themselves and others.
To be of service and pass on the gift of Reiki that has been given to me.
The goals of Awakened Light Reiki
To reach across all barriers that separate us and bring the teaching of traditional Reiki to our world.
The fees for treatments are lower so as many clients that want Reiki can better afford to receive regular treatments. (Clients who receive regular treatments over longer periods of time have radical shifts and changes, although clients see significant changes within a few treatments as well.)
Sliding scale fees are available to those with incomes that make it difficult to receive Reiki treatments or make Reiki treatments out of reach all together.
We follow the traditions of Hawayo Takata and the decipline of Usui Shiki Ryoho, the system of natural healing.

Awakened Light Reiki provides private Reiki sessions as well as distance healing sessions (Reiki sessions that are sent across time and space).
Awakened Light Reiki acknowledges Reiki Master Christoper Tellez of SF Reiki Center with love and respect for his support and teachings and continued encouragement to the practice of Reiki through the tradition of Usui Shiki Ryoho.
In loving gratitude to Christopher Tellez for his teachings

Awakened Light Reiki

467 Guerrero #4, San Francisco
(415) 999-2883‬