A kind, loving, safe space for healing

Awakened Light Reiki is a traditional Reiki practice that provides a safe space for physical, emotional and spiritual transformations.

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Awakened Light Reiki is practicing all of the state-mandated safety standards to ensure all of our safety in our community as a whole. This includes regular COVID-19 tests for the practitioner.

We are an essential wellness business serving San Francisco and the Bay Area.

  • Testimonials

    "Dave is the best!!

    I've experienced many different Reiki treatments from different practitioners and even practice Reiki my self. However, my sessions with Dave have been profound and the best I've experienced. He is kind, professional, knowledgeable, welcoming and goes beyond to create a safe space. His attention to detail with making me comfortable with the initial intake discussion, to checking in with me as I'm laying on the table before he even begins each treatment, throughout the session all the way through the end. I have always felt incredibly relaxed, amazing and experienced some big internal shifts after receiving Reiki from Dave. Reiki from Dave has supported some big life transitions throughout the last year. What I also appreciate about Dave is his sessions are consistently great -- whether it's in person, a mental treatment or distance Reiki. I highly recommend receiving Reiki from Dave!"


  • Testimonials

    "My experience of reiki with Dave was amazing! I felt safe and comfortable talking with Dave before and after the treatments. During the treatments I entered a state of meditation with awesome visuals and an incredible sense of spaciousness and freedom. I could sense my body experiencing an active rhythmic process. After each treatment I felt more fully in my body and a sense of effortlessness physically—including the use of my voice! I also experienced detoxification after each treatment. It is very important to me to have these intimate healing experiences with a male practitioner. I’m looking forward to more reiki treatments with Dave, and am very grateful for the work that he does."


  • Testimonials

    "I broke my ankle, my heel, and my sacrum November 2018. Dave’s Reiki treatments felt so amazing and healing! He came twice a week and I looked forward to my treatments every time! As soon as treatment would start I would go into a meditative calm and sleepy state. It’s like my body craved wherever his hands were. My pain decreased and my overall emotional state became very calm. It was a very important part of my self-care and healing. Dave is so respectful and loving and kind. I felt completely safe in his hands. I almost never get bodywork from men, but I felt so 100% safe with Dave."


  • Testimonials

    "When I first started getting treatments - I was skeptical. I had to be in a state of total desperation in order for me to open myself up to reiki. Since beginning treatments, my endometriosis symptoms have lightened. After a treatment I go from being unable to walk, to little to no pain. Getting reiki from Dave is very safe and healing. All I can say is he is the only one whose been able to give me any relief from my pain."